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Selling Tips

Selling to Once Upon A Child


Selling to Once Upon A Child is about quality, not quantity. Our trained staff review every item you bring in to see that it meets our criteria, which in turn enables us to meet the expectation of folks buying from us. By pre-sorting and reviewing what you want to sell us, you will enhance the amount and value of what we will be able to purchase.

A couple of things to keep in mind: We cannot buy everything brought to us. Even though you have pre-sorted and your items appear to meet the guidelines below, we may still not purchase some things because:

  • It is a style we know doesn't sell well for us in our location, or we simply have too many of that particular item.
  • We might find a stain you missed — Stains appear in storage, our fluorescent lights show things that home lighting doesn't, or maybe something was under a rolled cuff. This happens — it is not personal and we are not making a judgment on you.
  • "Wear" and "style" are subjective. You may think it is not so worn, or that it is a great style, but our experience may tell us differently. Again, this is not personal on you, simply an observation of an item based on our experience, and can even vary from buyer to buyer. For example, we are able to accept more "wear" on larger sizes than we are newborn sizes, and style is less important on smaller sizes than larger sizes.
  • The condition of the item is also a factor in determining our purchase. Some of the conditions that prevent us from purchasing items are :
  • odours of any kind including storage odour (basement, dresser, garage, garbage bag, sitting too long in a box/tote/bin etc.), food odour, smoke odour (however mild it may be), pet odour, sweat odour
  • stains
  • fading
  • excessive wrinkling
  • tears
  • holes
  • pilling
  • missing buttons and/or snaps
  • excessive wear
  • worn out waist elastics
  • rips (books)
  • functioning zippers
  • pet dander/fur found


I.  Review the items you would like to sell

                       A.         Clothing:

      1. Newborn through size 9 months should be new within the last 2 years
      2. 12 months to size 8 should be new within the last 6 years
      3. Youth sizes 10 – 20 should be new within the last 2 years
      4. No obvious stains, fading, wear, smoke, or mildew odors, holes
      5. No broken or missing buttons, snaps, zippers
      6. Brand, size and care labels must be present

                       B.         Toys:

      1. Ensure they work and have no broken pieces
      2. Must have manufacturer or brand name on them
      3. Must have all relevant pieces or accessories
      4. Most games must have instructions
      5. Trains, racetracks, or play sets that must be assembled must have instructions.
      6. Check battery compartments for corrosion.
      7. Check for recalls: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/index-eng.php

                       C.         Equipment/Furniture:

      1. Must be new within the last 5 years(furniture within 10 years except cribs)
      2. Must have manufacturer name, model number, and date of manufacture
      3. Ensure it works and there are no broken or missing pieces
      4. Check battery compartments for corrosion
      5. Check for recalls:  http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/index-eng.php

II.         Prepare your items

                       A.         Clothing:

      1. Freshly laundered and completely dry
      2. Turn garments right side out!
      3. Neatly folded, keeping multiple piece outfits together. Do not pin outfits together — it puts holes in the clothing!
      4. Stacked inside a box, basket or plastic tote. Paper, plastic, mesh or cloth bags, including duffle bags are highly discouraged as items may become excessively wrinkled or pick up odors.

                       B.         Toys:

      1. Clean the surface of the toys
      2. Remove any batteries
      3. Pieces/accessories should be separated by toy and bagged

                       C.         Equipment:

      1. Launder any seat cushions
      2. Wipe down or surface clean all other areas
      3. Remove any batteries

The following items are not purchased:

  • Bedding sets, sheets, blankets, bumper pads, décor items, lamps
  • Bottles, pacifiers, nipples, safety latches, toiletries, grooming items
  • Bibs, socks, tights, hair bows, underwear
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramics, picture frames
  • Maternity clothing, teen or adult clothing
  • Bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, wipe warmers, vaporizers, breast pumps
  • Opened diaper sleeves, cloth diapers, formula, wipes, baby food
  • Car seats or car booster seats, bike helmets
  • Stuffed, upholstered, or inflatable objects
  • Cribs
  • Handmade clothing, clothing /shoes without tags or sizes
  • Any item that has been recalled — even if it has been retro-fitted with a repair kit
  • Toys or equipment with corrosion in the battery compartment
  • Any items that we have determined to be slow sellers.
  • Broken toys or equipment

Because of the extremely high volume of items that customers bring us to review, it is imperative your items are contained in solid sided containers that can be stacked and tracked.

Paper, plastic, mesh, or cloth bags, including duffle bags, are highly discouraged and can negatively affect what we can buy. Likewise, loose items or items on hangers cannot be accepted.

We ask that you try to stay in the store or within our location so that you do not forget about your items. Your cash quote is only available until close of business on the day you dropped your items with us, at which time it converts to Store Credit and all non-purchased items and their containers will be discarded or donated

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